A hemisphere tank with a diameter of 3 or 4 feet, into which the molten glass is scooped out

Barite glass

Glass, which includes barite, surpasses ordinary alkaline-lime glass in density and brilliance


An additional structural element of the glass mold, which allows you to place an additional portion of frit prior to melting

Bevels (facet elements)

curly volumetric glass elements used in the manufacture of stained glass

Safety glass

Glass, which when broken forms fragments, the likelihood of serious cuts which are much less than fragments of ordinary glass. This is usually tempered glass.

Safety glass

Silicate sheet glass that does not form fragments with cutting edges upon impact or concentrated pressure. Shatterproof is ensured by the presence inside the package of two or more layers of glass of a firmly bound elastic transparent strip of organic material or a metal mesh included in the glass


(from the Arabian busra) - small decorative colored glass beads with a hole for stringing on a thread, fishing line or wire

Bisher process

Periodic stained glass manufacturing process in which glass from a pot is cast between rolls on a moving roller conveyor or on a flat movable table


Relatively flat, artistic glassware obtained as a result of sintering and intended for further volumetric molding using swelling technology

Feeder Well Block

Refractory beam of a special shape, connecting the feeder channel with the furnace, which allows to increase the depth of glassmaking;


1. Film on the surface caused by weather.

2. A film of sulfites and sulfates on the surface formed during the annealing process

Bohemian crystal

Colorless potash-lime glass, characterized by hardness and gloss, obtained in the 1670s in Bohemia, was suitable for cutting and engraving

Side pocket

Pocket in the bottom of the exhaust gas channel leading to the furnace regenerator or recuperator

Side bars

Refractory bars forming the side walls of the pool in contact with glass


smoke outlet for evacuating exhaust gases from a glass melting furnace

Borosilicate glass

Silicate glass containing boron as a characterizing component. Borosilicate glasses are usually heat-resistant.


Refractory body placed in the furnace and partially immersed in the molten glass to protect the collection site (molten glass) from the furnace gases. Used for manual dialing, as well as for some types of vacuum machines


Any large refractory product of regular shape

Pool bar

Refractory beam used for the construction of a bath furnace basin

Column beam

Bars forming columns of a pot furnace

Drilling (Blocking)

A method of mixing and clarifying glass melt in a pot by immersion of a wooden chock or other material capable of emitting gases at a high melt temperature


A small electric cooking stove, usually made of platinum, with numerous openings in the base, used to make fiberglass

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