Астраханский завод стеклотары возобновляет работу после восьмилетнего перерыва
One of the oldest factories in the Astrakhan region, BM Astrakhansteklo, plans to expect first production in 3-4 weeks. More than 500 million rubles were invested in the project.
«Сибстекло» вступит в программу промышленного туризма Новосибирской области
​Dear colleagues, we are publishing news about a member of the Association "StekloSouz" of Russia, Siberian Glass LLC (“Sibsteklo”): On the excursion “Cycle of glass in a factory”, developed as a result of the participation of Siberian Glass LLC (Sibsteklo, one of the largest factories producing glass containers in Russia, an asset of RATM Holding) in the Industrial Tourism Accelerator, organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, invited representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Novosibirsk Region, the tourism industry and manufacturing enterprises.
Маловишерский стекольный завод запустит производство изоляторов для линий электропередачи
During his visit to the Malovishersky district, the governor of the Novgorod region, Andrei Nikitin, visited the production site of the glass factory. Malovishersky Glass Factory LLC specializes in melting technical glass and producing products from it.
Вводится в действие новый межгосударственный стандарт по стеклянной упаковке
​Dear Colleagues! The Association "StekloSouz" of Russia received information that by the Order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology dated September 22, 2023 No. 908-st comes into force on July 1, 2024 as the national standard GOST 33202–2023 (ISO 719:2020) “Glass packaging. Glass. Hydrolytic resistance of glass at 98 °C. Test method and classification”, instead of GOST Z3202–2014.
«Экран» отметил 70-летие
Novosibirsk celebrated the anniversary of the Ekran plant, which was awarded the Order of the October Revolution in 1970 for its participation in space exploration. Veterans and employees of enterprises operating within the perimeter of the RATM Holding industrial park of the same name were congratulated by representatives of executive authorities, the parliamentary corps, industry unions and partners.
В РФ планируют создать прочные стекла для иллюминаторов РОС к 2026 году
Scientists at the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science (IPPM) SB RAS plan to create glasses for windows of the Russian Orbital Station (ROS) with increased strength, uniformity and optical characteristics by 2026, according to the website of the Tomsk Scientific Center SB RAS.
Поздравляем С Днём Рождения!
The Association " StekloSouz" of Russia wishes you a Happy Birthday 04/14/2024 Antonina Matveeva (ANO CCA "Crystal")! 04/15/2024 Olga Tkacheva (Association "StekloSouz" of Russia)!
На ОАО «Гомельстекло» реализовали проект по модернизации производства закаленного стекла
The workshop for the production of tempered glass has been operating since 2001. Upgrading equipment was necessary to increase the competitiveness of products. The investment program was implemented using our own funds.
Поздравляем С Днём Рождения!
The Association "StekloSouz" of Russia wishes Happy Birthday to Pavel Shestakov (RuSail LLC)!
Вышел из печати журнал «Стекло и керамика» за март 2024 года
Dear Colleagues! Viktor Osipov, President of the Association "StekloSouz" of Russia, is a member of the editorial board of the Glass and Ceramics magazine. We inform you that the 3rd issue of the monthly scientific and technical magazine “Glass and Ceramics” for 2024 has been published.
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