Industry Development Program

Approved at the Annual Meeting of the Heads of the Russian Glass Industry in December 2020

The program of the National Joint Council of Glass Industry Enterprises "StekloSouz" for the development of the glass industry in Russia for the period 2021 - 2030


The program is the result of the collective work of our Joint Council. "StekloSoyuz" in its Program seeks to show the glass industry and government officials what the industry is striving for, and the methods by which our tasks must be implemented in order for the glass industry to develop harmoniously.

The main idea of our Program is to draw the attention of the authorities to the fact that the government's self-removal from management creates a power vacuum, and the functions of the state atrophy. The experience of the last decade suggests that only a strong state, relying on federal sectoral organizations, is able in practice to ensure the economic growth of its own production and the prosperity of the people.

Strong Power is able to establish order in the country, create conditions for economic growth, and in fact support domestic producers through customs, tax, monetary and financial and credit policies. The government is obliged to fully use the capabilities and instruments of the state to radically change the situation in the economy.

The program is based on the expectation that the Government will return to the development of national economic interests and the intellectual potential of the glass industry will be preserved.

About our tasks.

The StekloSoyuz program provides solutions to two types of problems. First, it is about overcoming the most severe pressure from foreign competitors. Secondly, it shows a real way to expand our own production, strengthen and develop science, industrial engineering, eliminate social barriers to the rejection of young specialists, systematically introduce energy-efficient technologies into production, build autonomous energy sources, achieve compliance with the quality of manufactured products to the world level, strengthen competitiveness enterprises of the industry, to create a powerful resource base. Requirements for manufacturers of refractories, metal structures, construction and installation work and other related industries are formulated.

The program provides answers to many questions that concern employees of our industry. As before, we argue that the variety of forms of ownership and methods of management expands the capabilities of the economy, makes it possible to use human and material resources more fully. This statement is based on practical indicators of 20 years of development experience and the current state of our industry.

Industry development

The dynamic and harmonious development of the glass industry will strengthen its authority on the level of the Russian macroeconomics and on the world glass market.

Strong intra-industry communication

The most important task of "StekloSoyuz" is to strengthen the intra-industry unity, the development of the glass industry as a single harmonious structure capable of self-development based on its own and international experience. The glass industry is still at the beginning of a transition to new economic relations, this predetermines many failures of economic cooperation in the industry, moreover, stratification in such sub-sectors as science, mechanical engineering and construction and installation work is gaining momentum.

"StekloSouz" believes that the best way to overcome these phenomena should be cooperation, this form of cooperation will ensure coordination of the interests of the industry and its economic entities.

We offer:

intra-industry equality of all subjects of the glass industry;

to support intra-industry cooperation by developing contractual relations;

to support intra-industry integration by supporting the development of the economic association "StekloSouz" with the voluntary transfer of coordinating functions to it;

instruct "StekloSouz" to persistently continue the dialogue with the executive and legislative branches, demanding a switch to sectoral methods of regulation and management of the industry.

"StekloSoyuz" is seeking to establish a real economic growth of its own production in close cooperation, and sometimes cooperation with industry research, engineering, raw materials, construction and installation works, refractory enterprises and related industries on a mutually beneficial long-term basis.

Economic partnership between StekloSouz and the regions should be based on the principles of justice and mutual responsibility.

As before, the most important direction of "StekloSoyuz" is the creation of regional economic associations as regulators of economic and legal interaction of market entities.

In the activities of regional associations, we see a model of effective economic activity of the glass industry as an important instrument of pressure on the authorities according to the scheme Factory - "Region" - "StekloSoyuz" - Ministries, Government, State Duma.

StekloSouz will strive for:

introduction of tax, customs and credit systems to stimulate the glass industry to economic growth;

legislative strengthening by the state of the legal role of federal economic associations for the joint coordination of macroeconomic development plans;

reimbursement by the government of branch enterprises for damage resulting from an unlawful decision by the authorities.

We affirm that the following solutions will be the necessary conditions for the qualitative development of the glass industry:

creation of a system of quality level of public administration, control and continuous improvement of state building;

priority solution of the tasks of creating scientific and technical, design and production backlogs, performing R&D aimed at creating a new, unified standardized (according to industry regulations) highly efficient system of the glass industry;

bringing the system of financial support of branch science in line with new economic conditions;

improvement of the system and level of public control over the development of the industry;

construction of a system of recruiting, training and retraining specialists in the new economic conditions;

search and implementation of new legal forms and methods of influence of "StekloSouz" on the harmonious development of the industry;

creation of an attractive social security system for industry specialists, constant work to improve their social status.

We consider the formation and development of an effective system of public control in accordance with the democratic principles of our state and society to be the most important factor in solving the assigned tasks and ensuring the effectiveness of decisions taken by the leaders of the enterprises of the industry. However, associative control should not replace professional leadership and undermine the foundations of one-man management in the management of enterprises in the industry. Systemic control is intended to become a way of effective political and economic management of the interests of the industry as a whole, to ensure its compliance with the requirements of international rules of the corporate game, to influence the resolution of existing problems and contradictions, to ensure the proper balance between the interests of individual enterprises and the development priorities of the glass industry as a whole.

An increase in the quality level of the industry is unthinkable without the development of priorities: informatization, science, mechanical engineering, a full-fledged system of training and retraining of specialists.

Manufacturing complex

We cannot promise a significant growth in industrial science, but we believe that we need to develop a targeted and effective program for the preservation and development of industrial science and mechanical engineering for the industrial complex of the industry. The goal is a large-scale use of their potential for the further development of the Russian glass industry.

The interaction program should be as realistic as possible, taking into account, first of all, the interests of all subjects, with reliable financial and management mechanisms for its implementation. Consistency and consistency in achieving the set goals is the basis of our approaches to solving the tasks.

We see the most important areas of our work to solve these problems:

integration of developers and manufacturers of glass products within the framework of industrial structures of a new type (holdings, financial and industrial groups, etc.), activation of the processes of creating transnational corporations in the field of production, primarily with the participation of organizations and enterprises of states - former republics of the USSR;

restructuring of the glass industry through its integration with scientific, mechanical engineering and other sectors, concentration of production at enterprises with advanced technologies and scientific and technical capabilities, the creation of large diversified companies;

transfer to the structures of federal state unitary enterprises, research institutes and enterprises of the defense complex, the diversification of production in the interests of national security is impractical, and the share of government orders will become the main one;

ensuring a balanced combination of interests of the industrial complex of the industry with solving the problem of the effectiveness of management of new structures that are corporate property.

The economic policy of the industrial complex of the industry must be turned to face the real life of specialists. The main criterion for the effectiveness of the economic growth of the industry is the growth in the welfare of workers in the glass industry. And as a result, there is motivation to settle down and high-quality, intensive work, which gives the workers in the industry the means to a decent standard of living, and the production complex - stable growth.

Human capital is the main component of Russia's national heritage, even more important than our vast natural resources. However, to date, there are no mechanisms in Russia to ensure the effective implementation of this potential in the economic sphere.

We believe that in this decade both federal and regional government bodies should solve a dual task: to actively promote the process of forming real owners and at the same time return to the economy as a key subject. It is necessary to fill a dangerous vacuum in the economic management system.

Therefore, our suggestions:

  • the government is obliged to provide a truly market regime in the economy, to develop mechanisms for its state regulation;
  • it is necessary to shift the focus of attention of the government and industry organizations to the development of science, innovative mechanical engineering, equipment, cheaper energy tariffs, and training;
  • increasing the role of the government should be subordinated to economic stimulation when introducing new technologies, restructuring the economy for real economic growth. The main tool for solving these goals, within the framework of the partnership between government and business, is to use federal industry organizations;
  • "StekloSouz" will continue to persistently and consistently pursue a line of maximum regulation of the work of power structures on the basis of creating a regulatory and legal framework that meets market principles, transparency in the development and adoption of economic decisions. Exercise sectoral control over the distribution of orders and loans by the executive structures of power, clear procedural execution and execution.

These are the tasks in which StekloSoyuz sees the key to increasing the efficiency of state regulation of the industry.

We will strive to ensure that the programming and regulation of economic processes is carried out in accordance with cooperation agreements reached on a trilateral basis between enterprises, "StekloSoyuz" and the relevant ministries. Such agreements can be reached at any level - from the enterprise to the subject and the government as a whole. We advocate that public institutions can actually take control over the implementation of such agreements, become an active and equal partner of the government in ensuring their strict implementation. "StekloSouz" is obliged to strive to make economic legislation more transparent and clear. In all regions of Russia, the authorities are obliged to create conditions for the normal functioning of sectoral enterprises, which, under favorable conditions, are able to create numerous additional jobs and significantly increase the revenues of the budgets of all levels.

One of the key measures in creating conditions is to reduce taxes, simplify the tax system, taking into account the real capabilities of both manufacturers and the budget. It is necessary not only to reduce taxes, but also to write off part of the arrears on payments to the budgets for those industry companies that purchase domestic machinery, equipment, refractories, metal structures, etc .;

· Cheap loans are needed for machine-building enterprises to develop the production complex of the glass industry;

· Allocate 50% from funds received through privatization, as well as from employment funds, to create new jobs.

The state is obliged to manage the main part of its assets in the energy sector, transport, including through the creation of systems for judicial passage of tariff increases and supply of their economic functioning at producer prices, without intermediaries, under the control of the prosecutor's office. For this, it is necessary to carry out a legal reform of the entire system of state property management.

In contrast to the management of state property, the glass industry is dynamically developing today only thanks to the emergence of a wide layer of real owners, whose start-up capital was entrepreneurial talent and hard work. Only these people, standing firmly on their feet, are able to make a profit through the effective use of property, and not by plundering it, in practice realizing the principle: property obliges. "StekloSoyuz" will continue to guarantee assistance and protection of this kind of private property, which is based on entrepreneurial initiative, fair competition, satisfying consumer needs, providing support to industry science, mechanical engineering and other related industries.

"StekloSouz" will continue to support and develop the specified foundations of market relations, creating conditions for the harmonious development of the industry.

Structural and investment policy

The main task of structural and investment policy is to restore the unacceptably reduced production of machinery and equipment, but not in the old structure. The new structure must be consumer-oriented. But without investment there will be no economic growth, without economic growth there is no hope for any serious investment. StekloSoyuz needs to develop and propose mechanisms that will break this vicious circle.

We believe that with rational thoughtful approaches with minimal investment in fixed assets, it is possible and necessary to ensure a 3-5-fold increase in industrial production. It is necessary to make the most of the unfavorable exchange rate situation for imports to reduce the import dependence of the domestic consumer market. First of all, this applies to the production of glass containers, flat sheet glass, medical glass, optical, technical, art glass, high-quality glassware, certain sectors of mechanical engineering, industrial glass processing and the production of refractories, raw materials.

Right now, more than ever, there is a need for targeted support in the glass industry for manufacturing plants of import-substituting products, the implementation of measures to reorient the demand for domestic products that meet international quality standards, budgetary support for advertising campaigns to promote Russian products in the domestic market. At the same time, it is extremely important to use the scientific and technical potential of the glass industry for the technological re-equipment of existing industries engaged in the production and processing of glass products.

· It is necessary to take under public control the holding of tenders by the authorities, state corporations and monopolies and legally oblige them to purchase import-substituting products of domestic production under government orders;

· A campaign to support a national producer under the slogan: "Support Russia - buy Russian - a form of a national IDEA".

One of the levers for the further rise of the glass industry in the short and medium term should be the creation of conditions by the authorities for mass production, housing, greenhouse construction.

The second lever for raising our own glass production should be the state policy focused on the health safety of the country's population. The authorities of developed countries, guided by the principles of preserving the health of their citizens, have banned the use of alcoholic beverages in PET containers, the legislation provides for the life cycle of glass containers, and the reuse of glass containers is prohibited. The developed principles made it possible to make the business of collecting and industrial processing of cullet economically profitable. The EU countries save up to 68% of electricity when using cullet, minimized the emission of environmentally harmful production waste, preserve unique irreplaceable resources: quartz sand, dolomite, etc. StekloSouz should organize the application of this experience in our country.

It is necessary to legislatively solve these two tasks in a short time.

The government is obliged to use economic instruments to oust imported high-quality, medical and artistic glass from Russia, using the customs policy, and to tighten the fight against the smuggling of glass products into Russia. At the same time, by economic methods, to encourage factories oriented to the export of their own products, exempting enterprises in whole or in part from customs taxes on export goods.

The authorities must pursue an effective investment policy. As the investment projects launched with the participation of the state are implemented, the invested funds should be returned.

StekloSouz needs to consistently continue to work together with federal industry organizations to change the government's approach to investment and credit policy. Public structures are obliged to seek from the government situations when the benefits from financial speculation will become less attractive for the banking sector than investments in a stable real sector of the economy, for example, in the glass industry. In this case, the main investment function of commercial banks should be the provision of working capital to enterprises and other economic organizations. "StekloSouz" stands for the differentiation of discount rates based on the selection of specific investment projects and the strictest control by public organizations over the use of such loans.

An active policy should be pursued to attract foreign investment, providing them with preferential customs and tax treatment when creating industries that lead to the creation of new jobs in Russia. But foreign investment, for all its importance and significance for the glass industry, cannot be seen as the decisive link. If there is no domestic investment, there will be no domestic industry either. In this matter, for "StekloSoyuz" it is fundamentally important that the authorities focus on the development of national industry. Given the current attitude of the banking system, the main sources can be targeted government investment loans.

The Council considers it necessary for the government to create attractive conditions for attracting personal savings of citizens. Sberbank should open special investment accounts for this purpose for specific projects, and the state should provide real mechanisms to guarantee the return of such investments. In terms of investment loans, one should focus primarily on tax investment loans and direct government lending, including through emission sources. Dosed emission, provided that the targeted use of funds for the production of products required on the market is ensured, will not accelerate inflation to a scale dangerous for the Russian economy.

We believe that the most important task in the investment area is the restoration and all-round development of the corporate securities market, attracting funds from the population to this market. We consider this task as one of the key ones in the field of formation of the institutional infrastructure of a market economy, which ensures the required capital mobility.

Therefore, the state should have two main tasks: it is necessary, on the one hand, to increase the collection of taxes and customs duties, and on the other, to stimulate the production activity of participants in the economic process. "StekloSouz" intends to seek from the authorities a significant reduction in the tax rates of enterprises' profits received from the increase in production. It is necessary to exempt from taxes the profit directed to investments in the fixed capital of the enterprise, significantly reduce customs duties on equipment that is not produced in the country, but without which the modernization of the industry is impossible. And vice versa, to significantly increase customs duties on machinery, equipment, glass molds, raw materials, refractories and other products produced by the glass industry, if in terms of quality characteristics it is similar to imported ones, and in terms of price it is much lower than foreign analogues.

This implies a flexible customs policy that encourages the import into Russia primarily of those products that are temporarily not produced in the country, as well as semi-finished equipment that can be used to create new or modernize existing glass production facilities, and create new jobs in the country.

Overcoming the payments crisis

In the field of public finance, it is necessary to finally switch to the treasury system of budget execution and close the access of commercial banks to public resources.

As a result of ineffective selective tax policy in Russia, today in the shadow sector of the economy there are not only illegal activities, but also a significant part of normal economic activity. This problem requires an early resolution through sufficiently radical measures. First of all, it is necessary to legislate open business conditions that are uniform for all market entities, tightening criminal liability, providing for the confiscation of property.

Power should cease to be the largest source of non-payments in the economy. It is necessary to achieve the development of real legal mechanisms of responsibility while ensuring the fulfillment of the budgetary obligations of the executive branch under state orders. It is necessary to seek from the legislative branch to issue a law on carrying out a systemic large-scale restructuring of not only the debts of enterprises to the budget, but first of all the debts of the budget to production. This must be done on a clear legal basis, for which it is necessary to carry out a complete inventory of budgetary debt, re-register it into domestic public debt and stipulate clear guarantees of its repayment by a special by-law.

It is time to end the government's counterproductive pursuit of budget deficit reduction at any cost and move to a sensible, targeted, metered emission policy aimed at efficient investments and ensuring production growth.

The government needs to replace the formula “you have to live within your means” with the formula “you have to constantly earn money”.

The government is obliged to legislatively close the loopholes for capital flight abroad; responsibility for violation of the law should include not only criminal punishment, but also deprivation of all capital.

Scientific and industrial policy

"StekloSouz" is obliged to ensure a structural shift in the glass industry towards expanding the production of a range of science-intensive products. It is necessary to create conditions for the concentration of limited resources in areas that will allow the glass industry in Russia to return to the ranks of the advanced states in terms of science and technology. To do this, it is necessary to draw the attention of the government to industry problems, demand a more active economic policy, prove that it is justified and necessary in relation to the glass industry. The government is obliged to constantly create conditions to stimulate industry enterprises that produce finished products, requiring the supply of components from numerous allied enterprises.

The coordinating role should be transferred to federal industry organizations, and industry enterprises will become participants: research institutes, design bureaus, scientific and design organizations, machine builders, manufacturers of new materials and technologies. A set of industrial policy instruments should include government orders (with a guarantee of their timely payment), preferential taxes and subsidies, measures to support exports and restrict imports (in selected areas), customs duties, incentives for the formation of competitive financial and industrial structures, measures to protect intellectual property ... It is necessary to create special mechanisms for the implementation of scientific and technical achievements in profitable industrial production, which is our industry (venture funds and venture capital firms, etc.), the development of technoparks (around industrial educational institutions), incubators of scientific and technological achievements.

A special program is needed that ensures the use of achievements (industry high technologies, materials) for the development of high and medium-level import substitution technologies, such as glass production, in order to increase their efficiency in the face of strong foreign competitors.

It is necessary to develop proposals for the government to stimulate the established powerful Russian corporations capable of competing on equal terms with large foreign holdings and concerns. To do this, they must be focused on the latest technologies, build a corporate strategy in relation to specific types of import substitution products. Without such powerful associations of economic activity, the Russian glass industry will not become a true subject of international relations.

"StekloSoyuz" is obliged to constantly work to bring to the consciousness of the heads of enterprises and state authorities the importance of creating such powerful structures. But first, it is necessary to work out, together with economic entities, the principles and economic calculations of such associations.

Particular attention should be paid to the promotion of Russian glass products, scientific developments, machinery, equipment, glass molds, refractories and other competitive goods on the glass markets of the CIS and the world. This must be done at the highest government level, as is customary throughout the world.

Education, science, technology, engineering, production in the process of implementing the new sectoral scientific and industrial policy should become links in one chain. This will require the transfer of certain functions to the Council to optimize the management of the implementation of scientific and industrial policy, the concentration of all the necessary power levers.

We understand the significance and importance of this complex intra-industry process. At the same time, we should not just watch how the imported products subsidized by the exporting states displace the industrial, domestic producers. The mechanisms we offer to the state authorities to support industry divisions will have an all-round impact on the successful development of the glass industry.

"StekloSouz" is obliged to continue this work on organizing a legislative initiative to form a package of laws protecting the glass industry. This is our strategic goal.

The role of education for the industry

The future of our industry is determined by the state of the education system. Using the word "education", we put into it a historically formed meaning for Russia, which has always meant an organic and inseparable unity of secondary and higher education, fundamental science, as an integral basis for training specialists. We are deeply convinced that neither secondary educational institutions, nor universities, nor science, nor production culture will be able to live separately.

Awareness of the priority of the development of science and education as the most important strategic goals of sectoral development is due to the fact that they can be formed only in the long term. Being a potentially inexhaustible source of economic progress, a high level of production of new scientific knowledge and the intellectual quality of the workforce are among the factors that must fully concentrate in themselves the positive experience of continuity in the development of the glass industry.

The infrastructure and human resources for the development of modern scientific knowledge should be considered as a carefully guarded sectoral asset and should be a priority area of not only state, but also private financing by the industry.

The installation, according to which education will become richer, when the state becomes rich, when its economy gets stronger and develops, is obviously wrong. The erroneous interpretation lies in the fact that the cause and effect are deliberately substituted by the miner. The correct setting should sound like this: enterprises through the education support fund - to a high production level.

New generations of specialists will have to live in new economic conditions, with a dynamic economy. And therefore, educational institutions should not only provide knowledge, they are called upon to prepare specialists for the industry in fundamentally new conditions of their existence: political, economic, social, spiritual. This imposes on the industry a huge, without exaggeration, historical responsibility - to be the second driving force behind the state in training young specialists. Therefore, we single out education among our economic priorities.

Based on this, "StekloSouz" sets the following tasks in the field of education:

  • to promote a more organic connection of education with the enterprises of the industry, meaning that the structure of training corresponds to the needs of the industry, flexibly responds to changes in the industry;
  • bring the material and financial base of the education system in line with the industry's needs and ensure control over the quality of personnel training;
  • to provide a system of social guarantees for young specialists;
  • to form a unified system for retraining industry specialists.

Solving these problems, "StekloSouz" intends to seek the creation of a sectoral unified program for the development of education according to the scheme Council - Enterprises - Educational institutions, designed for social and economic protection of students and employees of educational institutions, support for innovations in the educational and research process. "StekloSoyuz" believes that enterprises are more interested in creating a fund for industry education. StekloSoyuz sees education as an indispensable tool for implementing industry policy. It is education that is the key link in the implementation of a promising scientific and technical policy oriented towards the twenty-first century, without which the development of the industry is unthinkable.

In light of this, it is planned not only to return the industry school to a leading position in the development of fundamental research, but also to carry out, with the participation of the state and enterprises, innovative projects designed to train the scientific and technical elite, develop applied and technological work, create scientific research at the junction of universities and the glass industry. technological production parks.

The state of education is largely determined by the professionalism, personal qualities, social well-being and economic situation of those who teach and educate. One of its most important tasks "StekloSouz" considers the provision of industry-specific material assistance to educators, increasing the prestige of pedagogical work. Glass factories are obliged to reserve and channel funds under public scrutiny to achieve these goals.

It is urgent to create a sectoral fund to enhance the social role of science and education, enhance their influence on the processes of development, adoption and examination of economic sectoral decisions, on the development of an integral conceptual and strategic scheme of transformations in the industry, based on an adequate understanding of the interests of the glass industry and taking into account trends and influence for the glass industry of Russia by world corporations.

Jointly resolutely create a real, and not a formal, support of "StekloSouz" on scientific knowledge. The intellectual potential of the school, in turn, will allow the scientific and scientific-pedagogical community to more effectively influence the development of the sectoral industry, return the industry a sense of an optimistic perspective.

Science and science and technology policy

Until recently, the glass industry in Russia had a complete scientific complex, being in many areas at the level of world leaders.

Such complexes develop only when a number of unique circumstances combine. Their creation requires huge funds and decades of dedicated efforts. Such a complex was destroyed in a matter of years.

The glass industry in Russia has the right to be proud of its science, the work of scientists and specialists, the wealth of accumulated knowledge, the scope and level of scientific and technological achievements. And it is our duty not only to preserve, but also to increase this priceless wealth, which has been collected bit by bit by the best representatives of our industry for many centuries.

"StekloSoyuz" sets itself the task of promoting the development and implementation of such a policy that will contribute to the transformation of industrial science into a dynamic, self-governing system for the increment of technologies and technical knowledge that meets the conditions of the modern economic structure and the needs of the glass industry.

At the center of this task, the Council puts a scientist and an engineer - all those who by their labor preserve and increase the scientific potential of the industry. Therefore, we will defend and implement the following principles:

  • guarantees of high social status and living standards of scientists; freedom of scientific creativity and protection of intellectual property;
  • competitiveness, competitiveness and competitiveness in the organization of research and design work;
  • wide involvement of the scientific community, the use of scientific data, recommendations of scientists when making the most important industry decisions;
  • promoting the integration of industrial science into the world scientific community.

"StekloSouz" believes that the government is obliged to develop and legislate a program for the development of domestic science in the form of a special legislative act - a national scientific doctrine and the state scientific and technical policy based on it, which should be linked to the concept of development of the country's productive forces and global long-term forecast of the world economic situation.

The implementation of the provisions of such a document will make it possible to ensure the transition to sustainable development, the gradual transfer of the center of gravity to the production and technological base of the country.

The glass industry, without waiting for such a document, is obliged to create all the necessary conditions for the priority development of industrial science, to contribute to the emergence of new technologies that provide a higher level of economic development of the industry - this is always a consequence of the achievements of advanced creative thought.

"StekloSouz" attaches paramount importance to the restoration and strengthening of the connection between science and production, to stimulate scientific and technological progress in all spheres of the industry. In the new economic conditions, the development of scientific entrepreneurship, a network of technoparks and implementation firms as the basis for innovative processes and the formation of small science-intensive production is of particular importance. In supporting scientific and technological entrepreneurship and stimulating innovation, we see a tool that can change the motivation of a researcher's work, increase the demand for scientific research and ideas of a scientist. But for this, enterprises must take an important step - to bring a solid material and financial basis for science.

We advocate the creation of a flexible mechanism for regulation and financing of science, based on state and non-state forms of support for scientific and technical research, innovation, on the active and interested participation of industry enterprises in this through an industry fund or private investors.

In our opinion, such interaction will allow scientists and specialists to return to industry science, some of whom have gained experience of working with the world scientific glass community.

In the face of the formidable challenges of our time, we clearly realize that today the industry, as never before, needs professionals, large-minded people who can bring big ideas to industry. Representatives of the scientific world should be closer to production, participate in the educational process, book publishing, in the activities of industry media; they are largely responsible for the development of the industry, for the education of its specialists. "StekloSouz" is obliged to seek more active participation of scientists in the social and economic life of the industry. By their very nature, big-minded professionals should illuminate the road to industry development. Their mission is especially important during a period of fundamental transformations leading to a change in the sectoral structure.

We urge scientists to unite efforts to develop industry science and technology. We are convinced that the preservation of the existing scientific potential with a certain support from enterprises and the state will be the main guarantee of industry safety, competitiveness and the key to the successful development of the glass industry.

StekloSouz is convinced that the formation of a new scientific sectoral policy should provide for:

  • carrying out all the necessary work to protect intellectual property rights and protect the rights and interests of industrial science in Russia and abroad;
  • taking measures to support industry patent holders abroad;
  • expanding the system of tax incentives for scientific organizations;
  • creation of scientific schools in universities, educational and scientific centers;
  • creation of support programs for young researchers;
  • promoting the self-organization of the scientific industry community and turning it into a partner of industry enterprises, a full-fledged participant in the processes of making technical and economic decisions;
  • to seek the adoption of the law "On Science", which determines the place of science in industries and the state, as well as the nature of relations between them; this document should not be of a management, but of a legal nature;
  • development of legal provisions protecting intellectual property rights;
  • introduction of a multichannel flexible system of science financing, combining the principles of basic, project (grant) and personal financing;
  • creation of a science support fund for sectoral research (for targeted programs);
  • restoration and maintenance of the prestige of scientific work, combining ensuring a decent level of remuneration and ideological substantiation of the branch value of science.

Scientists and professionals who are the pride of industry science should know that the glass industry respects their work, is proud of them and intends to do everything so that each of them can successfully work in the industry.

Social protection of specialists

We are convinced that industry responsibility manifests itself primarily in caring for specialists and workers in the industry, when all staff can count on support and through military labor justifies caring for their families.

One of the main mistakes of the reformers is the neglect of the social component of state policy. Even the overdue, absolutely necessary reforms, changing the living conditions of people, pose a threat to their well-being and social well-being. This requires reformers to urgently take into account the social consequences, the decisions made, and pursue targeted social policies. For Russia, such a policy is all the more necessary because its citizens are accustomed to dense state guardianship, albeit a minimal, but guaranteed standard of social protection. One cannot but take into account the fact that by the beginning of the 2000s they did not have developed skills of behavior in the market environment.

As a result, the glass industry suffered significant losses, production, science and education suffered.

Together we must participate in the formation of an active sectoral social policy. We are convinced that such a policy should be differentiated, aimed at creating conditions for ensuring the well-being of workers in the industry and supporting pensioners and disabled (disabled) former members of the industry. We should not leave the weak, elderly people unable to make ends meet to the mercy of fate. The support of socially unprotected former employees will serve as a clear example of corporate protection for specialists starting their labor activity at the enterprises of the industry. For able-bodied specialists and workers, we are obliged to give the opportunity to earn decent money according to their work in order to avoid personnel rotation as much as possible.

"StekloSouz" believes that it is necessary to provide industry assistance through the creation of a fund to support disabled people and retirees, our former employees and comrades. We are obliged to help them within the framework of those structures, beyond which they are not able to.

Foreign economic priorities

During the economic crisis, the glass industry in Russia lost a huge part of its economic potential. This led to a significant narrowing of her foreign policy authority. The removal of the government from managing the country's economy drastically reduced the ability to defend its sectoral interests not only at the international level, but also effectively protect the domestic market from the intervention of transnational associations.

"StekloSouz" believes that in recent years the government has not tried to join forces. These actions allow us to believe that in a difficult situation, the glass industry, based on its own interests, is obliged to carry out persistent pragmatic work with government agencies to protect the domestic market from international expansion.

During this period, the main efforts should be directed at developing relations with the former republics of the Soviet Union. The Council continues to initiate various integration processes. Among them, the main focus is on relations with Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In the breadth, openness, and equal nature of such an association, we see the best guarantee for the dynamic development of the glass industry in Russia and the CIS countries.

At the same time, we are obliged to consider the member states of the European Union, as well as the states of Central Europe, as the most important economic partners.

"StekloSouz" together with other federal industry organizations should continue to work on creating a new system of economic security, providing for the equal participation of all states in the integration processes.

It would be a huge mistake to refuse cooperation and partnership with colleagues from other countries. But we stand for full membership in the structures of international integration, and we are obliged to oppose attempts by countries and groups of countries to act unilaterally.

Therefore, we will do our best to support the development and consolidation of Russian foreign entrepreneurship, which has risen to an understanding of the national-state interests of the Russian glass industry. The modern struggle to defend the interests of the industry is primarily a struggle for scientific, technical and economic leadership.

Information work of industry media

It is impossible to imagine the glass industry in modern society without high-quality and timely information from employees of glass industry enterprises about events, facts, scientific achievements or industry problems.

Considering the mass information of Russia as one of the fundamental institutions for the survival of the glass industry in the difficult period of the recession of the Russian economy and the productive beginning of development at the present time, we say today: the industry media have provided and continue to provide enormous assistance to the industry, are an objective mouthpiece of our problems and achievements.

The sectoral mass media managed to preserve civic responsibility before the professional community, and we see them as vocal defenders of the interests of the sectoral industry.

We will not be able to blame the founders for the activities of the Russian media to the detriment of the development of the glass industry. On the pages of trade journals, the work of the industry is shown in a systematic manner, the lack of information is eliminated. Industry experts praise the creativity and reliable information of journalists, whose activities ultimately help regulate the life of the industry. However, we believe that without the civil responsibility of the heads of enterprises, who removed obstacles in obtaining information about the activities of enterprises in the industry, the professional work of the media would be greatly complicated.

Thus, working together allows them to fulfill their mission - to shape public opinion. We can safely say that the industry media provide a real pluralism of opinions and judgments when assessing the intra-industry activities of the glass industry.

StekloSoyuz believes that the industry must create conditions for the material self-sufficiency of the media. Eliminate the possibility of independent media becoming financially dependent on multinational corporate groups. It is necessary to develop a program that financially protects the activities of the industry media. At the same time, we will have to propose an effective and most delicate system of public control over their activities.


"StekloSouz" understands that the glass industry in Russia will not be able to complete the transition from the current state to the one in which each of us would like to see it, either in a year or in a five-year period. We also understand that in the new system of coordinates, the heads of enterprises will have to master seriously and for a long time the new rules of sectoral domestic and foreign policy.

We must join forces and will to seize this unique opportunity to return the industry to its role as one of the world's leaders. Our chance lies in uniting human potential for the development of the glass industry in Russia.

We have lived through the illusions of "liberal" reform and have learned all the necessary lessons from the era of monetarist shocks. Now, many years after the start of democratic reforms, we have become much wiser and more circumspect.

Our chance lies in the fact that the majority of heads of glass industry enterprises unambiguously declare the unity of views on at least two, but fundamentally important positions: first, the need to unite in the National Joint Council of Glass Industry Enterprises "StekloSouz"; secondly, the glass production and scientific elite categorically refused to get used to the role of dying out science and industry.

We cannot afford to be careless and bad about our industry achievements. We have a responsibility to know, remember, and respect our own past. We have no right to be irresponsible about our future.

And this means that we are obliged to find reasonable solutions to eliminate all our internal problems.

Our goal is the prosperity of the glass industry.

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