Program of activity

Of the activity of the United National Council of
the glass industry enterprises "Steklosouz"
for 2007-2010

N Type of activity Period of realization
1. Organizing activity
1.1 New board members involvement. regularly
1.2 Holding a membership fee policy. regularly
1.3 Making the museum called "The glass of Russia". 2008
1.4 Making a representation of the best workers of the glass industry for the government awards. annually
1.5 Represent the workers for the branch award "The best worker of the glass industry" and grant the certificate and the medal. annually
1.6 Carry on with the practice of rewarding with honorary branch diplomas for the good work. regularly
1.7 Carry on with the practice of the corporate control with the Branch Code. regularly
1.8 Confirm the members of the observation council. annually
1.9 Keep on the work of the members of the arbitration court. regularly
1.10 Confirm the members of the arbitration court in 2007. 1 quarter, 2007
1.11 Prepare the Provision of establishing the branch veterans support fund. 2007
1.12 Confirm the members of the Tutorial Council of the 7th International exhibition-fair "Glass and modern technologies - 2007". 1 quarter, 2007
1.13 Confirm the plan of activities of Coordinating Council. 1 quarter, 2007
2. Information activity.
2.1 Perfection of the work with the branch portal "Steklosouz" daily
2.2 The publication of the catalogue of the glass industry enterprises of Russia, States of the Commonwealth and foreign branch offices in Russia. annually
2.3 The publication of the collection of speeches from the international conferences "StekloForum-XXI", "StekloMash-XXI", "StekloCongress-XXI", "StekloProcess", "Factors, influencing on quality of glass production" for the glass industry workers. annually
2.4 Perfection of quality of the monthly branch informational bulletin of the "Steklosouz" monthly
2.5 Carry on the work in accordance with the Provision of the branch rating of enterprises:
-design estimate documentation makers;
-carrier companies;
-producers of sheet glass, tempered glass; glass containers, machines, equipment, raw materials, installing construction work, assorted glassware, glass moulds, glassfibre, refractories, double glass panes, transparent constructions, art glass, lighting technology.
2.6 Sum up the results and give the information to the enterprises using the Mass media. quarterly
3. Analytical activity.
3.1 Collect and analyze the production indices of the factory work of:
- glass containers;
- sheet glass;
- tempered glass;
- assorted glassware;
- refractories;
- quartz sand;
- dolomite;
- glass with heat shield coating;
- installing construction work;
- glass moulds;
- machines and equipment, including export;
- import;
- export;
- double glass panes;
- glass fibre;
- cargo transportation;
- energy consumption.

once a half-year

3.2 Forecasting of the building of new glass factories. regularly
3.3 Analysis of the capital repairs of factories:
-technical re-equipment;
-furnace repairs.
3.4 Study and analysis of the technical condition of the branch factories. regularly
3.5 Collection and analysis of reclamations of the customers of the design estimate documentation and of the consumers of glass, raw materials, machines, equipment, installing construction work, etc. regularly
3.6 The publication of the collection of the technical-economical indices of the work of glass factories. annually
3.7 Analysis of changes in production structure. annually
3.8 Analysis of situation of glass industry at the macroeconomic level of Russia and world glass industry. annually
4.The Branch Program of industry development for 2004-2010.
4.1 Work out the forecast of the glass industry development in Russia up to 2010. regularly
4.2 Carry out a marketing research of:
-glass containers;
-sheet glass;
-tempered glass;
-patterned glass;
-wired glass;
-double glass panes;
-quartz enriched sands;
-glass fibre;
-glass moulds;
-production of machnines and equipment, including export;
-cargo transportation.
4.3 Involving research institutes, designers office, branch mass media into realization of the branch development program. regularly
4.4 The progress control of the program of the branch development for 2004-2010. regularly
4.5 The quest for investments into the branch development. regularly
4.6 Creation of new system "Stekloregistry" for industry voluntary certification. regularly
5. The Congress, Expositions, Conferences, Seminars.
5.1 Prepare and hold the All-Russian Congress of the glass industry workers. 2009
5.2 Hold the international exposition "Glass and modern technologies". annually (November-December)
5.3 Hold the 7-th international exposition "Glass and modern technologies". 27.11.2007 - 30.11.2007
5.4 Hold the conference of the glass factories officials on subject "Joined activity on economic questions".
5.5 Analysis of activity of the Coordinating Council attached to "Steklosouz" for factories joint actions planning. once a half-year
5.6 Hold a seminar together with the consultative service of the Ministry of tax and duties of the Russian Federation. annually
5.7 Hold the 3-rd Conference "StekloCongress-XXI" May, 2007
5.8 Hold a round-table meeting together with the leaders of the Ministry of industry and energy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of the economical development and trade of the Russian Federation on the questions of the preparation of the branch for joining WTO. annually
5.9 Prepare the 5th participation of the glass enterprises of Russia in the collective stand at the 20th International exhibition "GlassTec-2008" in Dusseldorf, Germany. 2008
5.10 Hold a seminar on the problems of glassmaking, influencing on quality of glass production. annually
5.11 Hold a seminar on the problems of the safe glazing of deferent functional objects. annually
5.12 Hold a seminar together with the Federal Agency of the Russian Federation on the effective energy technologies. annually
5.13 Hold a seminar on the problems of the research work production. annually
5.14 Hold a seminar on the questions of the personnel training for the glass industry (together with the Ministry of the higher and secondary education of the Russian Federation). annually
5.15 Hold a seminar on the problems of the branch machine-building development. annually
5.16 Hold a seminar together with the Federal Agency on the problems of keeping the ecology by glass factories. annually
5.17 Hold a seminar on the problems of investment involvement into the glass industry development. annually
5.18 Hold a seminar on development of import-replacing technologies and production together with the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, Moscow Department of competitive policy and Tender Committee.
6. Co-operation.
6.1 Participation in work of Expert Council of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia at development and expertise of projects, legislative or other normative-legal acts. regularly
6.2 Making contracts of co-operation with public organizations – the glass production consumers. regularly
6.3 Making contracts of co-operation with public organizations of Russia, the Commonwealth states and foreign countries. regularly
6.4 Joint activity with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on solving the questions at the macroeconomic level of Russia. regularly
6.5 Joint activity with the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the questions of glass industry development. regularly
6.6 The patronage of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to branch exhibition. annually
7. Business meetings, round-table meetings.
7.1 Business meetings with the Government of Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of regional development, Federal Agency of building and housing and communal services, Committee of building and housing and communal services attached to mayor of Moscow concerns of "Rosspirtprom", "Rossplodovoshprom","Rosvinprom", "Rospivo", "Builders of Russia". regularly
7.2 Hold a round-table meeting and a business meeting of the directors of the enterprises – the producers and consumers of the glass. once a half-year
7.3 Hold a round-table meeting with the chairs of the branch universities and the leading factories on the questions of preparing, assignment and further training of the specialists, the condition of the research activity in the branch and establishing the fund of the nominal allowance payment. annually
7.4 Keep on the work with the agreement between the Higher institution, the Board and the Factory and discuss it at the round-table meeting. regularly
8. The general assembly, the meeting of the Board.
8.1 The general meeting of the Board of directors. once a year
8.2 The sitting of the Councils Presidium and the Board of directors (also extended ones). quarterly
9. Organization of the clerical work.
9.1 Working out of the range of work. the 1-st quarter
9.2 Systematization and conducting of the clerical work. regularly

Dear colleagues!
The present Program will be confirmed at the 9th Annual General Meeting in the 1-st quarter, 2007.

"Steklosouz" will closely examine suggestions and additions to the present program from the members of the Association and the leaders of the branch enterprises.

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