Charge loader

The mechanical device for feeding the mixture into the furnace

Tempered glass (Toughed glass)

Glass whose surface is rapidly cooled from a temperature close to the softening point so that the residual compressive stresses remain on the surface after complete cooling. This increases the thermal and mechanical strength of the glass and leads to the fact that it breaks into smaller fragments without sharp angles than ordinary glass, under the influence of destructive stresses. It is used where safety glass is needed.

Closed pot

Pot with a lid to protect the contents from flame and combustion products in the furnace and with a throat for loading raw materials and a set of glass melt


Mixed charge, usually one mixer load


Bars located on the side bars under the side walls

Filling pocket

The small space of the glass melting furnace into which the charge is fed

Feeder shutter

Refractory part placed in the feeder channel to stop or regulate glass flow


Flat glass with a highly reflective coating on one surface (more than 80%).

Gold painting

Gold painting followed by firing, was used in the 18th century not only on glassware, but also on colored glass vases in chandeliers. Glossy gilding was achieved using a liquid gold preparation superimposed on a previously etched surface. To fix, gilding is fired at temperatures up to + 500 ° C

Cooking Area

The total surface area of the glass in the hob when the oven is new, excluding the backfill

Light zone

The part of the bathroom furnace in which clarification is carried out

Annealing zone

The temperature range in which glass passes from a liquid (soft) state to a solid

Cooling zone

Part of the feed channel adjacent to the furnace

Sintering Zone (Batch)

The area between the front wall and the first pair of burners in the transverse flame direction bath furnace

Student area

1. Part of the feeder (feeder), remote from the furnace wall, in which the glass is brought to the required production temperature.

2. Part of the furnace for the production of flat glass, where the glass is brought to the required production temperature before passing into the prechamber (1) or into the machine chamber.


1. Refractory beam mounted in the end wall above the backfill pocket.

2. The top row of bars protecting the shaft of the Fourco machine.

Serrated fold

A defect in the surface of rolling glass due to a malfunction of the gear drive of the drive of the forming shafts

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