Pot Oven Floor

Laser engraving

A glass engraving method in which an image is created by reproducing dashed and grayscale (raster) images by direct exposure to laser radiation focused on the surface or in the thickness of the glass

Laminated glass

it is laminated glass with layers of plastic (PVB) or special resin. In case of damage to the glass, the intermediate layer holds the fragments together.

Ribbon process

The method in which the molten glass is fed by a forming device in the form of a tape


The procedure for applying a suspension based on silver or copper salts on a glass surface for subsequent diffusion of ions of these metals into the surface layer of glass


Thin whiskers in the surface layer of glass

Line of a mirror (glass) (Metal line)

1. The level of the surface of the glass in the bath.

2. The boundary between the undigested charge and clean glass in the bath.

Sheet glass

Glass made in the form of flat sheets.


Refractory beam with a slot, buried below the surface of the glass and used to vertically stretch sheet glass according to the Furko method

The spoon

Spoon-shaped tool with a long handle for scooping up molten glass

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