K-glass is a high-quality float glass with a durable coating and low emission. The coating provides the passage of solar energy into the building, but significantly reduces heat loss in the glass. It is designed to reduce heat loss through the window. The coating transmits solar short-wave energy into the room, but does not pass out the long-wave thermal radiation, for example, from a heating device. It is usually used as inner glass in double-glazed windows, with the coating facing the inter-glass space. This heats the inner surface, which reduces condensation and convection caused by temperature differences. It can be used wherever it is necessary to achieve low energy consumption with low heat loss. K-glass can be tempered and laminated.

Caddy burner

An annular hole in the hearth of the cooking part of the pot furnace, through which air and gas enter

A rock

Crystal inclusion in glass

Chamber furnace

An oven consisting of a hob and additional chambers in which the glass is heated by electricity

Campaign (Compaign)

The life of the bath furnace between overhauls, which include cooling the bath to room temperature


Part of a flat glass furnace glass melting furnace leading from the clarification zone to the forming machine

Feeder channel

Expansion of the furnace head, where glass is usually taken for molding

Drip Nutrition (Gob process)

A method of manufacturing hollow products, when the glass is fed by an automatic feeder in the form of plastic portions of the appropriate form to the forming unit

A drop

Portion of glass melt collected by pontium or blown tube

Quartz glass

One-component silicate glass obtained by melting natural varieties of silica - rock crystal, vein quartz and quartz sand, as well as synthetic silicon dioxide. There are two types of industrial quartz glass: transparent (optical and technical) and opaque

Quelpoint (Thermal barrier)

1. Thin spots in the refractory structure caused by wear, usually in the side bars.

2. The maximum temperature zone in the cooking part of the bathroom furnace.

Ceramic paint

Paint based on mineral dyes - painted metal oxides


Industry term cobalt oxide

Cobalt glass

A type of blue opal stained glass, stained with cobalt oxide

Shodness (glass)

a defect in the surface of the glass product in the form of a small undulation resulting from contact with molding surfaces with a reduced temperature.

Ring (Ring section)

Cross-cut glass container annular section to verify optical performance


Floating refractory ring in a pot furnace, which prevents the penetration of foam and inclusions to the place of collection of glass


Blowing the workpiece during the blowing process


Thin colored glass plates of random shapes ranging in size from 6 to 75 mm, which are used to decorate glassware during sintering

Korolek (glass)

Any non-fiber glass in a fiberglass product

Cat's eye

Crescent-shaped bubble

Coefficient of thermal expansion (KTR)

Quantitative characteristic of the relative change in the linear dimensions of the glass when the temperature changes by 1 ° C

Cracked Glass

Glass whose surface is specially covered with cracks by rapid cooling in water and re-heating to relieve internal stresses


Floating refractory ring in a pot furnace, which prevents the penetration of foam and inclusions to the place of collection of glass


The component of the charge used to color the produced glass

Cryolite glass

It is an alloy of cryolite with double weight of quartz sand and the addition of ordinary glass or zinc oxide and silica

Large bubble

A large bubble on the inner surface of the glass, often resulting from dirt or scale


A hole through which the hot inside of the oven is visible


In flat glass manufacturing, the domed part of the bathtub

Heap (charge) (Lump)

A pile of charge floating on glass in a bathroom furnace

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