o support measures work? What do we expect to see in the package of measures collected by order of the President of the Russian Federation by June 1, 2020

o support measures work? What do we expect to see in the package of measures collected by order of the President of the Russian Federation by June 1, 2020

StekloSouz Association of Russia May 19, 2020 took part in a conference on the topic: “Do support measures work?” What do we expect to see in the package of measures collected by order of the President of the Russian Federation by June 1, 2020. "

The conference was also invited:

  • Vitaliy Kovalchuk - Deputy Director of the Department of Industry, Energy and Transport of the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • Pavel Fedorishchev - Executive Director of the Scientific and Technical Council "Lighting Engineering";
  • Ivan Pokrovsky - Executive Director of ARPE;
  • Rashid Arktikov - member of the Presidium of the NES WG of the Council of the Federation;
  • Leonid Pitersky - vice-president of NOE;
  • Vera Smirnova - Executive Director of the Association of the Consortium of Radioelectronic Industry Association;
  • Natalya Sakharova - General Director of the Association "Electrocable";
  • Maxim Nesvetailov - Executive Director of the Outdoor Lighting Association;
  • Alexey Tulikov - General Director of RAESKO;
  • Maxim Tretyakov - Chairman of the Industry Committee of OPORA RUSSIA.

The event was organized by the director of the Association of Manufacturers of LEDs and Systems Based on them (APSS) Olga Grekova.

Vice-President of the StekloSouz Association of Russia, President of LEADlight Group Vladislav Golubev, supported the participants' speech on the need to include in the list of sectors of the Russian economy that were most affected by the worsening situation due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection by manufacturers of electric lamps and lighting equipment (OKVED 27.40), t since the revenue of these enterprises decreased in April 2020. more than 30%. In addition, due to the forecasts of the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as independent experts and market participants, economic difficulties are assumed to be long-term, and the volume of imports of lighting products in the previous years has been growing all the time, V.V. Golubev made the following suggestions:

-Grant tax incentives to enterprises in the lighting industry. In particular, apply to industry enterprises, primarily to Russian producers of consumer goods, a VAT rate of 6%. The positive experience of using such a measure has been shown by the example of a reduced VAT rate on food products and food processing. Thanks to this, Russia has achieved independence in providing Russians with food products of its own production, and has also taken high export positions.

- Due to the significant content in the imported products of the lighting industry of plastic, heavy metals and other materials and components requiring expensive utilization after the end of the life cycle, it is necessary to significantly increase the environmental tax rate for lamps and other imported lighting products. This measure will significantly support the domestic industry and increase the use of Russian materials and components of other industries.

- It is necessary to simplify the procedure for obtaining an opinion on the confirmation of industrial production in the Russian Federation in accordance with Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 17, 2015 No. 719, because today it is very formalized and authorized by the CCI and not in every Russian city , for example, in the Siberian Federal District - 5 authorized CCIs. This approach creates unreasonable barriers, primarily for medium and small enterprises, because all existing slingshots can be reached here only by enterprises that are able to either support or hire specially trained employees for this. Considering that the economic environment of the Russian Federation as a whole does not contribute to the mass creation of enterprises producing goods, we consider this all the more unreasonable. The producers of consumer goods, which make up a very small part of Russian enterprises, compete, as a rule, not with each other, but with mass imports (primarily from China). We suggest changing the existing procedure and providing the desired status on the basis of an expert opinion in which representatives of the local CCI, representatives of the relevant industry union and representatives of the All-Russian Public Organization of Entrepreneurs would participate. Such a conclusion could be issued within a week after the representatives of these organizations visited the enterprises and familiarized themselves with the production process.

Conference participants also spoke about the consolidation of efforts to form an effective position to support Russian manufacturers and bring them to the appropriate measures at the level of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Yours faithfully,

Press center StekloSouz

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