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On October 31, 2019 in Moscow, in the Izmailovo hotel complex (Gamma, Delta), the Smolensk 1 + 2 conference hall will host the International Forum Glass and Modern Technologies - XXI, the largest industry event in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe glass industry.

The organizer of the project is the StekloSouz of Russia Association.

The International Forum is an important event in the glass market of Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

The relevance and importance of the Forum for the development of the Russian and world glass products market is confirmed by the leaders and experts of glass enterprises and consumers.

The international project has remained important for many years. The training of senior staff contributes to strengthening the best traditions of glass production, promoting new technologies, advanced experience in glass production and processing to the Russian market.

The leaders of industry associations of consumers of glass products note the importance of an industry event for the development of new production and application technologies. They express confidence that the Forum “Glass and Modern Technologies - XXI” will contribute to the development of the domestic glass industry, will increase its competitiveness and investment attractiveness.

Viktor Ivanovich Osipov, President of the Glass Union of Russia Association, emphasized: “The forum unites the entire glass elite of industrialized countries, all those who invest their creative energy in the continuous improvement of the glass industry; is a unique tool to meet any consumer needs for all sectors of the economy. "

About 200 factories, enterprises and firms from more than 15 countries take part in the Glass and Modern Technologies - XXI Forum annually.

Great interest in the forum was shown by such well-known foreign companies as Lahti Glass Technology Oy, PD Refractories CZ, Binder + Co, COLOROBBIA CONSULTING SrL, STARA GLASS SpA, MOTIM Fused Cast Refractories ltd, VMA GmbH, Buhler AG, Ross Mold International, MSC –SGCC RUS and others.

The participants in the international event will discuss together the problems and results of the industry in modern conditions, receive relevant information on modern technologies, and make a decision on the implementation of the plans, including the consolidation of manufacturers and consumers.

The topics of reports of managers and specialists of the global glass industry, representatives of research institutes and design organizations, independent experts will touch upon all aspects and directions of the modern glass industry.

Key sections:

• Improving the efficiency of glass melting: machines, equipment, raw materials, refractories, furnaces, materials.

• Technical capabilities to increase the life cycle of glass melting furnaces.

• Designing glass enterprises from scientific thought to project implementation.

• State support measures: Russian reality and world practice. Import substitution. Export.

• Production of glass containers, high-quality glassware. Lightweight glass containers. Requirements for medical glass.

• Production of mold sets: special materials; innovations in the manufacture of tooling and spare parts; materials and equipment for repair of parts of mold sets. Design.

• Recycling. Prospects for the industrial production of cullet-based raw materials. Production.

• Design features, materials and equipment for industrial processing. Requirements. Expert opinions. Consumption development.

• Technical glass. Features of production. Equipment.

• Problems of using new types of glass products. Nanomaterials. Glass-based thermal insulation materials: foam glass, fiberglass materials.

• Technologies for packaging glass and products. Logistics. Control.

• Standards. Normative base. Quality control. Fight against counterfeit.

• Energy saving. Ecological requirements. Scientific approach. Health safety of the nation.

• New rules for regulating foreign economic activity in the conditions of the EurAsEC.

• Protection of the results of intellectual activity (RED). Digital technology. Cybersecurity.

• Problematic issues in the existing training system.

The program of the Forum can be found on the portal of the Glass Union of Russia


We will be grateful to all our fellow journalists for using this material in preparing information about the International Forum “Glass and Modern Technologies - XXI”.

Press Service StekloSouz.

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