The waste processing complex Don was opened in the Moscow Region. He became the eighth in the region.

The waste processing complex Don was opened in the Moscow Region. He became the eighth in the region.

Landfills near Moscow remain in the past - instead, they will create modern waste processing complexes. This was opened today in Kashira. The governor launched the Don site. He checked the waste composting system and put the plant into operation.

The modern complex in Kashira will sort 300 thousand tons of garbage per year. This is the third regional site launched by the RT-Invest group of companies. Prior to this, under Kolomna and Sergiev Posad, she opened KPO “South” and “North”. This is the eighth such complex across the entire region.

According to Andrei Vorobyov, today one of the main tasks is to remove all landfills near Moscow by the end of the year. Waste will be distributed to KPO equipped with treatment facilities, which will not allow the filtrate to enter the soil.

"The president supported us, and we began work on closing the city landfills. <...> Not just a landfill was closed, but, thanks to the decisions of our federal government, they allocate money and landfills are being restored. That is, in fact, this is a hill that is being planted, landscaped. Because of the degassing system, he poses no danger "Andrei Vorobyov.

An automatic waste sorting line was launched at the site. For this, 450 new jobs were created at the new KPO. All employees will work according to new safety rules reinforced in a pandemic.

Garbage, having entered KPO, first of all undergoes radiation monitoring and weighing. And after that begins the sorting, consisting of ten stages.

So, garbage is divided into paper, plastic, glass, metal. Then the organic fraction is waiting for composting. This will give soil that can be used for landscaping and filling slopes of roads or reclamation of landfills. Large and other wastes are crushed to convert to green energy.

But the region will go even further. According to the governor, the issue of garbage will be completely resolved, and by the highest standards.

"Next comes the construction of deep processing plants - glass, PET, metal. All this is worth its weight in gold. Plus waste incineration plants, of course," Andrey Vorobyov.

Director General of Rostec State Corporation Sergey Chemezov emphasized that the most modern technology was chosen for the construction of waste incineration plants. It is already used in Europe, Japan. There will be four such plants in the suburbs. Three of them are ready to work, and the last will appear near Mozhaisk.

“The accusations against us that we allegedly bring obsolete technology are unfounded, because it is the most modern. And what they are talking about is just the old technology that used to burn garbage at a temperature of just over 800 degrees. We have more than 1200 degrees. That is, at this temperature, all hazardous ingredients decompose. And in fact, the remaining ash does not harm human health. We will also use this ash, not just bury it, ”he explained.

Sergei Chemezov said that it would be possible to make roads, building materials, cement blocks and not only from it.

Landfill Management

The transition to modern ways of recycling improves the culture of its treatment and the environment itself. For example, plastic will receive a second life and become a heater for facades of houses or pipes, as well as other useful products.

Andrei Vorobyov noted that just a few years ago there was no waste processing technology. Garbage was stored at landfills. In the suburbs there were 39 landfills, but 29 have already been closed. And soon they will not be left at all, said Deputy Prime Minister of the region Yevgeny Khromushin.

"Today we have 2.5 million tons - the waste processing capacity. We are not stopping. <...> This will allow us to close almost all city landfills this year. This year Alexinsky open pit will be transformed into a KPO, Timokhovo - at the end of 2021. . Everything, there will not be a single dump in the old format "Evgeny Khromushin.

Thanks to KPO in the Moscow Region, over 1.9 million tons of waste were recycled in two years.

Russian leader in waste management

Moscow Region has already been called the Russian leader in waste processing. This was stated by the executive director of the association "Clean Country" Ruslan Gubaidullin.

"The Moscow Region is already a leader in everything in Russia, both in terms of the amount of garbage generated and of landfills and its own waste processing facilities. She is a leader among all subjects. Moscow region does a lot" Ruslan Gubaidullin.

Since January last year, a new integrated waste management infrastructure is being actively built in the Moscow Region. And in total 12 modern KPOs will work in the region.


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