Estonian producers want to shake the market - they will make eco-friendly glass bottles

Estonian producers want to shake the market - they will make eco-friendly glass bottles

Two local Estonian producers - Haage Joogid and Järvakandi Glassworks - joined forces to shake up the local bottled water market. As a result of their cooperation, from the beginning of June, domestic natural mineral water will appear in Estonian cafes and restaurants, bottled in environmentally friendly glass bottles produced in Estonia.

”Until now, in most cases, an Estonian consumer could buy mineral water produced in food establishments somewhere far abroad, the transportation of which has a significant impact on the environment. We were convinced that in Estonian restaurants, high-quality domestic products can proudly stand in line with other types of water, ”said Velo Oselin, Haage Joogid Executive Director.

Haage pours natural Estonian water into new glass bottles, which contain both healthy minerals and biologically active ingredients. Mineral water comes from the Haage village near Tartu, where one of the nine sources of mineral water in Estonia is located.

Special designed Haage bottles are made at the Järvakandi Glassworks. ”We tried different options, but decided that Estonian water was the place in the bottle made in Estonia. Glass bottles are more environmentally friendly, and their production in Estonia is sustainable and easily controlled. A long history and professionalism spoke in favor of the Järvakandi plant. At the beginning of the crisis caused by the coronavirus, we realized that there are other advantages in working with a local partner - for example, the absence of borders and a long transport chain, resulting in less ecological footprint, ”said Oselin.

”With a history of 140 years, Järvakandi Glass Factory has been producing bottles for the VOSS and Stolichnaya brands for years. It is all the more pleasant for us to apply our skills and experience for the benefit of a domestic brand that appreciates high quality and unique solutions. In the production of glass, we use, among other things, domestic sand from Tabin, which allows us to obtain particularly clear and transparent glass that perfectly matches the excellent taste of Estonian mineral water, ”added Kaido Turro, head of the O-IEstonia glass factory in Järvakandi.

Natural mineral water is available in new bottles with a capacity of 0.33 L and 0.75 L - with and without gas. The new bottles are distinguished by a beautiful Scandinavian spirit designed especially for Haage. First of all, bottles of a new design will appear in the best Estonian restaurants, but gradually the company plans to enter stores of well-known retail chains.

Natural Haage Mineral Water comes from Haagi Village, Tartu County. The village is known for its historic manor, dam lake and sacrificial stone. Here flows the 24-kilometer river Ilmatsalu, also known as the Haage Creek. In this place, the main work has already been done by nature itself - Haage Joogid only bottles water. Haage Joogid OÜ is a local capital company founded in 2012 and part of Silikaat Grupp.

O-I Estonia AS, the owner of the Järvakandi glass factory, which has a 141-year-old history, is one of the largest glass container manufacturers in the world, a US exchange company Owens-Illinois, or O-I. The factory in Järvakandi employs 160 people and produces more than half a million glass bottles around the clock.


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