Association «StekloSouz» of Russia. Expanded meeting of the Presidium

Association «StekloSouz» of Russia. Expanded meeting of the Presidium

In December 2020, an expanded meeting of the Presidium of the "StekloSouz" Association of Russia was held.

The scheduled meeting was held in the conference hall of the Association in compliance with sanitary rules for maximum safety of all participants.

Economic issues were considered. The directors of the departments made reports on the results of the activity: - glass containers (Pavel Alexandrovich Gorshkov); - flat glass and industrial processing (Gorin Andrey Evgenievich); - medical glass; - technical glass (Pavlushkin Mikhail Nikolaevich) and other heads of the branch federal organization.

The meeting was opened by Viktor Ivanovich Osipov, President of the StekloSouz Association of Russia. In his presentation, he said that the glass industry is facing serious challenges. However, the factories operate and continue to provide consumers with high quality glass products for all sectors of the national economy. He emphasized that according to the EU, the glass industry in Russia is among the five exporters of non-primary products. The list of exporters is headed by the metallurgical industry, the chemical industry, and mineral fertilizers.

V.I. Osipov expressed concern about the supply of soda ash to glass factories. He expressed confidence that the created Working Group with the participation of the heads of the departments of glass containers and sheet glass and industrial processing (Gorshkov P.A., Gorin A.E.), together with the Directorate for the Development of the Glass Industry (Shubin V.N.) and other leaders, successfully cope with the tasks set: to prevent unreasonable price increases and uninterrupted provision of enterprises with the specified product. He emphasized that constant work on EPR with the Government and the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation will give positive results.

It was noted that the representative office of "StekloSouz" in the South and North Caucasian Federal Districts under the leadership of Vyacheslav Vitalievich Tulinov had good indicators in the collection of cullet and an increase in supplies to glass-smelting plants. He expressed confidence that in the 1st quarter of 2021, cullet will start working in the Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts. Negotiations continue with the heads of the subjects of the Central, Volga and Northwestern Federal Districts.

Viktor Osipov expressed concern over the standardization of medical glass and glass containers. The work on new interstate GOST standards for quartz glass is being completed. The Director of the Department of Technical Regulation (Talakuev N.P.) was instructed to strengthen the work on this issue, together with the directors of the departments.

Director of the Department of Industry Development Shubin Valery Nikolayevich reported on the work on the implementation of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 30, 2020 N 616 "On the establishment of a ban on the admission of industrial goods originating from foreign countries for the purpose of procurement for state and municipal needs, as well as industrial goods originating from foreign countries, works (services) performed (provided) by foreign persons for the purpose of purchasing for the needs of the country's defense and state security "on import substitution in the production of optical glass and special-purpose products.

Viktor Osipov paid special attention to the frequent cases of a formal approach of law enforcement agencies on the example of the Tomsk Lighting Plant. He assured that the Association will actively defend the rights and interests of the factories through the Government, the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia.

Other issues that hinder the harmonious development of the glass industry were also discussed.

Decisions made.

The Presidium participants were congratulated on the upcoming New Year 2021 and wished good health and economic success in 2021.

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