В Москве пройдет ФОРУМ «Контрольно-надзорная и разрешительная деятельность. Взгляд в будущее»
July 14, 2020 in Moscow will host the FORUM "Control, supervisory and licensing activities. A look into the future". During the forum, it is planned to discuss the implementation of the “regulatory guillotine” mechanism, increasing the efficiency of interaction between the business community and the state in improving the control, supervision and licensing activities. In addition, participants will discuss the status of bills on state and municipal control (supervision), on mandatory requirements, on licensing activities, as well as the use of progressive control methods (remote control, introspection, checklists).
Обновлен перечень национальных стандартов регламентирующий соблюдение Технического регламента о безопасности зданий и сооружений
​Decree of the federal government of July 4, 2020 No. 985 approved an updated list of national standards and codes of practice, the application of which on a mandatory basis ensures compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law "Technical Regulation on the Safety of Buildings and Structures", which will enter into force on August 1, 2020 .
Компании Glass Decor исполнился 21 год
Dear Colleagues! 21 years ago, Glass Decor, a member of the GlassSoyuz Association of Russia, opened its first plant.
Раскрыт секрет изготовления идеального
A joint team of researchers from Denmark and Germany used a new method for the analysis of hafnium isotopes to study the composition of the so-called "Alexandrian" glass, which was widely used in ancient Rome and was considered ideal. The study first proved that this glass was made in Egypt.
Дзюзер Владимир Яковлевич отмечает 70 лет
Dzyuzer Vladimir Yakovlevich, honorary worker of the glass industry of Russia, professor, doctor of technical sciences, head of the Department of Equipment and Automation of Silicate Production, Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin.
Опубликовано постановление об отмене 30% СНиПов
A government decree has been published on the official website of the cabinet of ministers, repealing 30% of mandatory state standards and joint ventures in construction. The new edition of the so-called “List of 1521” comes into force on August 1. As noted in the explanatory note, “excessive and duplicate norms” were excluded from it.
Первый мусоросортировочный комплекс заработает осенью в Приамурье
​The BlagEco waste sorting complex in the Amur Region will become regional property in August. He should earn in September.
В центре внимания - перспективы развития Индустрии 4.0
​Dear colleagues, good afternoon! One of the important events of the INNOPROM-2020 forum held on July 7, 2020, according to tradition, was the online session “Standardization as the basis of Industry 4.0." It was organized by the RSPP Committee on Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment with the support of the Eastern Committee of the German Economy.
Владивостокцы выбрали замену окон в школах в голосовании по «Народному бюджету»
​In Vladivostok, the results of the poll on the "People's Budget", which was held on the same days as the vote on the amendment to the Constitution, were summed up. According to the results of the calculation of the questionnaires, the project “Save the warmth for children” won, which will spend 173 million rubles.
«Салаватстекло» планирует купить «Каспийский завод листового стекла»
A major Russian manufacturer of flat glass - Salavatsteklo JSC (Bashkiria) plans to buy a bankrupt glass production in Dagestan. The company sent a request to the FAS Russia for the purchase of a 100% stake in Caspian Sheet Glass Plant JSC, Interfax reports with reference to these services.
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