The All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts presents a large-scale retrospective exhibition project “On Clearance. Art glass of the Soviet and post-Soviet eras ”, dedicated to the art glass of the XX-XXI centuries from the museum collection.
На базе ОАО «Стеклозавод «Неман» в Березовке состоялся симпозиум мастеров по стеклу из «Союза белорусских художников»
Glass artist - a rare profession. And no matter how creative people go to it, in Belarus, these ways, as a rule, intersect in one way or another with the Neman glassworks. A recent event at this well-known enterprise in the city of Berezovka is evidence of this.
Отходное производство: первые итоги реформы отрасли обращения с ТКО
From February to September, collection rates for garbage collection and disposal increased two and a half times. If in February about 30% of citizens paid, then by October their share increased to almost 70%. This was reported to "Izvestia" by the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kobylkin. According to him, eight entities that were not included in the reform program promise to select regional operators by the end of the year. In order to effectively deal with garbage, it is necessary to build processing facilities and switch to recycling waste into secondary raw materials, say environmental experts surveyed by Izvestia.
Ивановское стекло
How much do we know about successful manufacturing companies in Ivanovo? About those that are developing, expanding, expanding the staff, and there is no staff turnover in them, because the workers have a good salary. Among such enterprises is Steklomaks LLC. About 150 people work at Steklomaks. The company produces architectural double-glazed windows for facade glazing. They also make glass and mirror products.
Экран нового Samsung Galaxy Fold будет защищать стекло
Samsung next folding smartphone with a flexible screen may release with a flexible glass. Now in the Galaxy Fold, the flexible screen is protected by plastic, which is not able to protect the expensive matrix from damage, but there is nothing to replace the plastic yet.
В России изменили порядок расчета тарифов на вывоз мусора
In Russia, the rules for calculating the utility tariff for garbage collection are changing. Now regional operators do not have to take into account profit tax and fees for negative environmental impacts in pricing. This should lead to a reduction in the tariff for garbage collection for Russians, the FAS suggests.
Обзор: к октябрю 2019 года в России открылось 18 новых производств
5 large enterprises have been opened, with investments of more than a billion rubles. Of the 18 open industries, 2 are steel radiator plants, and 4 are pharmaceutical manufactures.
Азербайджанская компания начинает экспорт стеклотары в Грузию
The Azerbaijan LLC ASK Glass (a subsidiary of the Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation) begins exporting glass containers to Georgia, and in 2020 will significantly increase deliveries.
В Ставропольском крае резко вырос несырьевой экспорт
Over the eight months of 2019, the Stavropol Territory increased the export of non-oil products by 5.8%. Income from this category of exports in January-August reached $ 787.7 million, which is 99.1% of the total export income of the region’s enterprises, a REGNUM government press service said on November 7.
«Кавдоломит»: Наращивать объёмы производства готовы и дальше
Kavdolomit is the main Russian dolomite exporter in Europe. It provides material to the leading glass industry enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The company is developing and is ready to increase production, but has recently encountered problems.
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