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Glass Stopsol Silverlight Priva Blue and Stopsol Supersilver Green Glazing SEC "Continent".

The ability to integrate within the architectural and artistic concept of shopping and entertainment complex variety of objects into a single structure to create a comfortable, welcoming space, the environment in which pleasure is and where you want to return, creating the basic premise for its popularity and attendance in the future.

Architects say that the "purpose dictates the style and the style dictated by design." From this point of view of commerce and entertainment complex "Continent", located in St. Petersburg on the corner of Avenue of the Danube and the Moscow highway, found a successful embodiment of the concept of the modern mall with wide galleries, convenient navigation, and a spacious atrium. The functionality of the complex was calculated in advance, at the design stage. For this was a statistical study, in which the identified consumer preferences of the residents. However, this is to create such a complex multi-object is not enough. Developers and architects in the course of the project had to deal with and far more complex tasks.

Thus, according to the architectural concept, the building was planned two-color - green mirrored tower, the rest of the facade - dark blue. The material of the facade had to hide what is happening inside, but the facade is supposed to be visually perceived was as a single object made of glass. Initially, the estimates for the facade was compiled on the...



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Happy Birthday, wish you health, happiness and prosperity to you and your families

1 апреля. Абабилов Л.А.
ЗАО "Сен-Гобен Кавминстекло"

10 апреля. Токарев В.Д.
ОАО "Салаватстекло"

12 апреля. Шестаков П.В.
ООО "РуСайл"

14 апреля. Матвеева А.Т.
АНО ЦСИ "Хрусталь"

15 апреля. Яшкунов А.Г.
ОАО "ЮгРосПродукт"

15 апреля. Ткачева О.Е.

20 апреля. Миронов А.В.

21 апреля. Новиков В.И.
АО «Кварцит»

22 апреля. Жималов А.Б.
АО «Саратовский Институт Стекла»

22 апреля. Кожевников А.В.
ЗАО "Утилита"

26 апреля. Ковалев А.И.
СтеклоСоюз России

26 апреля. Мартынюк Ю.А.
ПК «Линкос»

27 апреля. Антохин А.В.
ОАО «СтеклоПак»

27 апреля. Павлушкин М.Н.
ЗАО «СтеклоСтройКорпорация»

28 апреля. Агуреев С.А.
ОАО "Салаватстекло"

29 апреля. Будов В.В.
«Стеклянная тара»

29 апреля. Солинов В.Ф.

30 апреля. Войтенков А.И.


Видео стекольной промышленности от «СтеклоСоюза» России!

GUR events ССР

April 10, 2014 in StekloSouz Russia (the SSR), the regular meeting of the enlarged Bureau. On the agenda was summed up the industry in 2013 and the 1st quarter of 2014, discussed the issues hindering the development of the industry and collaboration with the authorities in the new economic conditions. >>

In a solemn ceremony April 4, 2014 in StekloSouz Russia signed an agreement on cooperation between the Russian StekloSouz (hereinafter SSR) and the Union of Alcohol Producers of Russian Federation (hereinafter UAP). The agreement is the joint action to create conditions for the development of business relations between the parties to the two Unions. >>

April 2, 2014 solemnly signed a memorandum on cooperation between the Agency and StekloSouz development of professional qualifications. The main objective of cooperation - improving the competitiveness of labor mobility and the glass industry. >>

In March of this year StekloSouz in Russia (the SSR) held consultations on the development of foam glass production in Russia in 2014. According to experts of the SSR, the production of this product in Russia depends on the state of the current legislation. >>

Russian experts visited StekloSouz 4th International Exhibition «ISTANBUL GLASS EXPO 2014" (12-15 March 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, the exhibition center "TYUYAP - Beylikdüzü"), dedicated to glass, glass products, production technologies and processing machines and mechanisms of the auxiliary products, and chemicals. >>

>>all the GUR events>>

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