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Glass Stopsol Silverlight Priva Blue and Stopsol Supersilver Green Glazing SEC "Continent".

The ability to integrate within the architectural and artistic concept of shopping and entertainment complex variety of objects into a single structure to create a comfortable, welcoming space, the environment in which pleasure is and where you want to return, creating the basic premise for its popularity and attendance in the future.

Architects say that the "purpose dictates the style and the style dictated by design." From this point of view of commerce and entertainment complex "Continent", located in St. Petersburg on the corner of Avenue of the Danube and the Moscow highway, found a successful embodiment of the concept of the modern mall with wide galleries, convenient navigation, and a spacious atrium. The functionality of the complex was calculated in advance, at the design stage. For this was a statistical study, in which the identified consumer preferences of the residents. However, this is to create such a complex multi-object is not enough. Developers and architects in the course of the project had to deal with and far more complex tasks.

Thus, according to the architectural concept, the building was planned two-color - green mirrored tower, the rest of the facade - dark blue. The material of the facade had to hide what is happening inside, but the facade is supposed to be visually perceived was as a single object made of glass. Initially, the estimates for the facade was compiled on the...



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Chaired by President StekloSouz Russia - Head of the Expert Panel on Glass Industry of Russia Viktor Ivanovich Osipov, August 9, 2016 in the conference - hall StekloSouz a meeting of the Expert Group 1.5. "Glass, windows and translucent constructions". >>

As you know, the Ministry of Construction of Russia has decided to entrust the Institute for Building Physics amend SNIP "Thermal protection of buildings and structures." The Institute started the implementation of the order. At the suggestion of Russia StekloSouz in the work of the Institute on this issue will be attended by representatives of the Federal Industrial Organization  >>

July 22, 2016 in StekloSouz Russia (hereinafter SSR) SSR were consulted management and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). The meeting discussed issues of cooperation between the Federal Union and the branch of the Bank for the implementation of joint projects aimed at the development of the glass industry. >>

July 21, 2016 in Vladimir at the factory for the production of foamed glass sheet passed retreat StekloSouz leadership of Russia and the company "STES-Vladimir." The meeting discussed the development of the consumption of foamed glass by various sectors of the economy of Russia. >>

n the village Velikodvore Gus Crystal district July 21 a solemn ceremony of laying the first stone in the construction of the processing plant for the extraction and enrichment of high-quality quartz sand. >>

>>all the GUR events>>


Видео стекольной промышленности от «СтеклоСоюза» России!


Happy Birthday, wish you health, happiness and prosperity to you and your families

3 августа. Лозин А.А.
НПФ "Продэкология"

7 августа. Можжерин В.А.

7 августа. Садков Ю.И.

13 августа. Игнатов С.В.
ООО " Стеклотерм"

13 августа. Хоботов А.В.
ЗАО «Камышинский стеклотарный завод»

16 августа. Султанов Р.И.
ОАО "Салаватстекло", ОАО "Саратовстройстекло"

17 августа. Осипов Н.Я.

26 августа. Осипов В.И.
"СтеклоСоюз России"

28 августа. Галачиева П.К.
ООО "Запрудня-стеклотара"

28 августа. Пахомов В.М.
ОАО "Ситалл"

29 августа. Литвин В.И.
ОАО "Салаватстекло"

31 августа. Крепак А.В.
ООО "Объединенные стекольные заводы. Управляющая компания"

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