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Association StekloSouz of Russia at the international exhibition «PACKING 2019»

The Association StekloSouz of Russia, a collective stand, took part in the leading international exhibition of packaging materials. The organizer of the event is Messe Düsseldorf Moscow.

From January 29 to February 1, 2019, the key event in the world of packaging technologies, materials and finished packaging was held at the Expocenter exhibition complex: “The 27th international specialized exhibition of packaging technologies. Recycling, packaging, printing.

Over the course of four days, actions took place in the exhibition halls, which allowed the participants of the exhibition forum to adequately present the full range of activities carried out by exhibiting companies and clearly show all types of packaging, the possibilities of packaging production equipment, as well as equipment for filling and bottling various types of goods into finished products. to use tara.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors were presented with a Business Program covering a wide range of issues in the packaging industry, from personnel training and professional development to professionals working in the production and consumption of packaging materials to the problems of recycling and reuse of packaging that has lost its consumer properties. Scientific conferences, seminars and round tables took place in several conference halls.

At the International Exhibition, in addition to manufacturers of packaging, equipment and related industries offering finished products, the collective stands of Industry Associations, Unions, and Non-Profit Associations worked. Higher education institutions were very well represented.

The Association StekloSouz of Russia, together with glass factories for over ten years, has been a regular participant of the International Exhibition “Packaging”, traditionally presenting at the event packaging products made of glass produced by glass melting plants of Russia: glass packaging for the food, chemical and medical industry.

In 2019, the collective stand of StekloSouz once again demonstrated to consumers the possibilities of modern Russian glass container plants, offering consumers high-quality glass packaging that meets all the requirements of the world market.

The products of the factories of TPG Glass Decor LLC, Svet JSC, Krasnoe Ekho LLC, Rusjam Steklotara Holding, LLC, Severnaya Glass Container Company, ChSZ-Lipetsk LLC, Aleksin Glass Factory ", JSC" Balakhninskoe glass ", LLC" Glass Market ", LLC" Petersburg Glass, JSC "Medsteklo", JSC "Centermedglass". The production of glass container enterprises caused commercial interest among consumers in the countries of near and far abroad. Following the exhibition, business contacts with consumers from different countries were established.

Traditionally, by a joint decision of the presidium of the Association and plant managers after the exhibition was completed, the exhibits were provided for free to representatives of Russian higher and secondary educational institutions to study the qualities and design of modern glass packaging, as well as the possibilities of modern decoration. The leaders of the Association of Glass Containers of the Association and Glass Container Plants of Russia are confident that the samples obtained will help students studying in the field of packaging production and packaging design after graduating from an educational institution to replenish the ranks of specialists in glass factories.

The post-release of the International Exhibition will be published.
Press Center of StekloSouz.

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GUR events ССР

In the middle of March 2019, as part of the Batimat Russia 2019 exhibition, Opora Rossii Public Organization held an extended meeting of the construction committee.
The event was attended by the leaders of "Supports of Russia", the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation, Federal industry associations, construction companies and manufacturers of building materials.

"The use of glass in construction. Industrial processing of flat glass, technology, equipment, components and materials "
In December 2018, at the Glass and Modern Technologies glass industry executives forum held annually by the StekloSouz Association, it was decided to entrust the StekloSouz Association of Russia to organize systemic interactions between glass manufacturers and light-transparent structures and the construction community. And also, regularly informing the glass industry enterprises, architects, designers and builders about the expanding possibilities of using glass-based products and structures.

Joint meeting of the Working Group of the StekloSouz of Russia
“Sheet glass. Industrial processing. Safety and fire-prevention glass ”and the Public Coordination Council for planning, developing and implementing regulatory documents on the subject of subcommittee PC 24“ Window, door and door blocks. Components and materials "TK 465
" Construction "
As part of the cooperation between the StekloSouz of Russia and TC 465 "Construction" in the StekloSouz of Russia, chaired by Osipov Viktor Ivanovich President StekloSouz, on February 20, a planned joint meeting of the StekloSouz of Russia Working Group “Sheet glass. Industrial processing. Safety and fire-prevention glass ”and the Public Coordination Council for planning, developing and implementing regulatory documents of the subcommittee PC 24“ Window, door and door blocks. Components and materials »TK 465" Construction ".

February 18, 2019 in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation) a joint meeting of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on technical regulation, standardization and product quality, the RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment, the Committee of Business Russia on Technical Regulation was held and industrial safety. The executive authorities of the Russian Federation and relevant ministries were involved. The co-organizer of the meeting is ANO Scientific Center for Eurasian Integration.

On January 29, 2019, a scheduled general meeting of members of the National Partnership of Associations and Unions of building materials enterprises (hereinafter the Association of Associations and Unions of Construction Materials Industry) was held in the framework of the exhibition “Domestic Construction Materials”.

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