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Waste sorting complex with a capacity of 50 thousand tons per year will open in the CBD in February

The waste sorting complex with a capacity of 50 thousand tons per year, for the construction of which more than 34 million rubles were spent, will open in one of the largest settlements of Kabardino-Balkaria (KBR) - the city of Baksan - in February 2019. This was reported by TASS Nazir Kardanov, deputy head of the local administration for life support and security. According to him, the company will close the needs of Baksan, and in the future it will work on the outskirts of the city.

"In Baksan, the construction of a waste sorting complex with a capacity of 50 thousand tons, which was started in October 2018, was completed. The total amount of funds amounted to more than 34.5 million rubles (including more than 32 million rubles from the federal budget and over 2.4 million - from the republican). To date, all work has been completed, the facility is ready for operation, the complex should work by the end of February. All the garbage from the city and, in the future, in the Baksansky district will be brought there and sorted, "said Kardanov.

The waste will be sorted manually. "The process ... manual, ten-post, that is, ten people are standing and manually sorting (cardboard, glass, plastic, plastic bags), it all comes together in separate bags and sent to recycling companies. What remains after that , will be taken to the landfill for further disposal ", - he said.

It is assumed that the company will employ about 40 people (excluding the administrative apparatus) with a salary of 16-17 thousand rubles. "Since January 1, the CBD has earned a regional operator for working with municipal solid waste and identified two official landfills that are listed in the Russian Federation’s single register in Urvani and Prokhladny. The whole republic is divided into zones, the city district Baksan is in the third zone, and years we carry garbage to the landfill in Urvani ", - said the agency interlocutor.

The money for the construction of the complex was allocated within the framework of the subprogram "Regulation of environmental quality" of the state program of the KBR "Environmental protection, reproduction and use of natural resources in the CBD".

According to statistics at the end of 2018, more than 58.7 thousand people live in the Baksan urban district. This is the second largest settlement of the CBD.

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