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«VEB.RF» may become a co-investor of the project for the disposal of garbage in the suburbs

VEB.RF is considering the possibility of investing capital in the company RT-Invest (the largest waste collection operator in the Moscow region, part of Rostec) infrastructure for the disposal and sorting of waste in the Moscow region. This Tass reported in the press service of the state corporation.

"VEB.RF is considering participation in a new project for recycling and disposal of garbage in the Moscow region in a syndicate with commercial banks. The project is being considered until it is decided by the collegial authorities of VEB. The cost of incineration (thermal neutralization) is 125 billion rubles, and if you add sorting, then 154 billion rubles, "- said the press service.

Earlier it was reported that RT-Invest plans to build four thermal neutralization plants (incinerators) in the Moscow region, announced as part of the Clean Country national project in 2017. The total cost of these four objects was estimated at about 120 billion rubles, about 30 billion each.

The company also became a regional garbage disposal operator in three of the seven clusters of the Moscow region: Kashirsky, Ruza and Sergiyevo-Posad. As TASS CEO Andrei Shipelov reported earlier, to service this territory, RT-Invest will need to build eight waste treatment complexes (KPO) with sorting lines.

The complexes are supposed to be made typical, with a receiving capacity of about 450 thousand tons per year. The cost of one such complex Shipelov estimated at 3.5 billion rubles, thus, collectively, they can cost about 28 billion rubles. According to the press service of VEB.RF, it follows that the sorting part of the project will cost a comparable amount - about 29 billion rubles.

Construction of the first incinerator (MSZ) in the Moscow region began in June 2018 in the Resurrection District, it is planned to be completed in the second quarter of 2020. However, according to the materials of the regional government, the first two plants will start taking garbage in 2021, the other two - in 2022. Waste treatment complexes and an incinerator will be part of a new waste management system in the Moscow region, which will reduce the share of garbage stored at dumps in the region from 91% in 2018 to 18% by 2030 by 2030.

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