The III season of the All-Russian architectural competition Youth in Architecture has started

The III season of the All-Russian architectural competition Youth in Architecture has started

The third season of the educational project and the closed architectural competition for students and graduates of colleges and universities in the specialty "Architecture" ArchYouth-2020 has started. Now, future architects from all over Russia can take part in it.

The organizers of the competition are SP Glass Group of Companies (combines STiS and Pilkington glass industry enterprises) and GBPOU College of Architecture, Design and Reengineering No. 26.

The main goal of the event is to increase the level of students' knowledge in the field of glazing of residential and public buildings and the creation of architectural projects using energy-efficient glazing. The competition is held in three categories: “Multi-storey residential building”, “Multi-storey public building” and “Public building”.

The competition (it provides for two forms of participation: full-time and part-time) can take part in ongoing or completed course and diploma projects. The participant’s task is to select glass, a profile system for facades and windows and calculate the formula of double-glazed windows for windows and facades, based on the climatic features of the location of the object.

ArchYouth 2020 participants are also waiting for lectures and seminars with invited experts, meetings with working architects, representatives of architectural workshops in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, excursions to the production of glass, double-glazed windows, profile systems.

Students will be able to consolidate the acquired knowledge during the preparation and defense of the competition works before a specially invited commission from among working architects (the final of the project imitates the real defense of the project to the customer).

Finalists and winners of the contest will not only replenish their portfolios with new projects, but will also receive valuable prizes and memorable gifts from organizers and partners.


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