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Tyumen spring began with the growth of the economy 2018-04-20 

According to statistics, in March, the industrial production index in the Tyumen region amounted to 106% compared to the same period last year. ...
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In Russian cities there will be festivals of separate waste collection 2018-04-20 

Since the end of April in ten Russian cities will start separate collection festivals "shares with us" in the framework of the all-Russian project "Ekodvor" Their goal. ...
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1400-year-old lamp with the image of menorahs and a rare coin found on excavations 2018-04-20 

What can you give your country for its 70th anniversary? For thousands of schoolchildren and volunteers, the answer is to work hard to prepare a new public 70-kilometer (43-mile) footpath, called the Sanhedrin Trail.

During the work, the volunteers stumbled upon an invaluable 1400-year-old unused oil lamp, engraved with the image of the eight-ray menorah, the remains of a significant glass industry and the extremely rare gold coin of Suleiman the Magnificent. ...
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The factory for the decoration of 2018-04-19 

"Glass Decor" announces the commissioning of two new production lines produced by Fermac (Italy) and Madag (Switzerland) at the Glass Decor decoration factory in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region. ...
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  • List of products, covered by special regulations of glassware. (Russian version only)

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  • Glass manufacturing market. Problems and future trends of development. Russian sector in the global glass industry. (Russian version only)


  • Comments to the RF law "On technical regulations" (Russian version only)

  • The analysis of flat glass market in Russia (Russian version only)

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