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V Congress of delegates from regional centers of Russia 2018-10-19 

The 5th congress of delegates from regional centers of Russia took place on October 13, 2018 in Moscow in the Column Hall. ...
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Session on the environmental safety of citizens of the Russian Federation 2018-10-18 

On October 15, 2018, at 15:00, a meeting of the Public Council under the Federal Agency for Water Resources and the Coordination Council of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on the environmental safety of citizens of the Russian Federation was held at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. ...
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Dagestan to supply $ 5 million float glass to Azerbaijan 2018-10-17 

The Caspian float glass plant signed an agreement with the Azerbaijani company QLASS HAUS on the supply of colorless glass for $ 5 million.

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FAS did not receive a bill to lift the ban on the sale of beer at night 2018-10-17 

The FAS Russia did not receive a bill to lift the ban on selling beer in aluminum cans at night and lifting restrictions on the retail sale of such beer in stalls and kiosks, said the head of the control and financial department of the FAS Russia, Vladimir Mishelovin, the press service of which reports. ...
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  • List of products, covered by special regulations of glassware. (Russian version only)

  • GOST 111-2001. INTERNATIONAL STANDARD. SHEET GLASS. (Russian version only)

  • SPECIAL TECHNICAL REGULATION. "Glassware safety". (Russian version only)

  • Glass manufacturing market. Problems and future trends of development. Russian sector in the global glass industry. (Russian version only)


  • Comments to the RF law "On technical regulations" (Russian version only)

  • The analysis of flat glass market in Russia (Russian version only)

  • Perception of color

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