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International Seminar «Modern production of form kits»

Within two days, on November 26 and 27, 2018, in the city of Gus-Khrustalny, an International Seminar “Modern Production of Form Packages” was held.

 Topics of the seminar: "Production and operation of mold sets in the realities of our time."

Under the leadership of leading industry experts, the heads of technical services of glass container factories jointly discussed topical issues of concern.
It is no secret that, in the technological chain, competent operation of mold sets significantly affects the profitability of glass production.

The main issues on the agenda were:
• Special materials for the manufacture of mold sets. Reducing the cost of production due to the selection of mold equipment.
 • Spare parts. Cost reduction due to import substitution.
• Innovations in the manufacture of mold tooling and spare parts, the impact on the economy.
And other economically sound topics.

Welcoming words addressed to the participants of the training seminar were Osipov Viktor Ivanovich, President of the Association StekloSouz of Russia.
 In his speech, he wished the audience and experts fruitful work, stressing that study is certainly a necessary and basic component for the competitiveness of factories.

The moderator of the International Seminar was Yury Dzhimovich Klegg, Head of the Stekloholding JSC.

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